Learning @ ChinaJoy 2012 (Shanghai, July) 上海2012ChinaJoy收获

In 2011, 131 games/titles from 34 Chinese companies sold overseas, an increase of 56.6% comparing to the year before. China became the largest web-based game market (360 million RMB/Yuan).
2011年,34家公司131款网游走向国际市场,比上一年增长56.6%, 成为全球第一大网游市场 (3.6亿元人民币)。

Thanks to its free-to-play games? (China started the biz model of free-to-play. Western world had a hard time to accept this at least at first but Asian countries including Turkey are well-received.)

1. Trend 趋势
Mobile games
手机游戏Chinese companies look up to its neighbor country Korea who has more experience in developing and selling in the mobile game market。

Mobile Games in Korea 韩国手游
Android (SK, LG)- 80% market 
Apple products/platform - 14% market

2. Localization: Two schools of thoughts 本地化:两种提法
a. everything (names, settings, avatar, even story line) needs to be changed in the local way to better serve the gamers there. 所有都要改头换面,以最符合当地玩家口味来。(Tencent, BL technologic, etc. 腾讯,炎龙等)
b. to preserve the original: we present who we are, produce the best of what we do: the game with authentic, exotic and cultural elements. 卖点在保留原汁原味的游戏体验,做我们能做最好的产品,突出异域和文化风情,吸引玩家。觉得另外一种做法是“北京人去陕西买臊子面”。(Snail,蜗牛)

Besides the two thoughts, there are companies that are reluctant/hesitating to push its game products (specially games requiring deep cultural understanding) otherwhere but south Asian area. 之外,还有公司不情愿/犹豫中把游戏产品推向除了南亚以外的地方。(麒麟《画皮2》)

Another way of internationalization, is to blindly translating them into 20+ languages and push them all out. Then fish with fingers crossed. 另外一种国际化,是广泛押注,翻好20+语言推向市场后,等待在某一市场大买。(IGG games 福州天盟)

3. Whereat? 地址?
Most of the game companies are in these cities: 大多数游戏在如下城市:
Beijing 北京
Shanghai and its nearby (Suzhou/Hangzhou) 上海和附近的苏杭
Shenzhen 深圳
Chengdu 成都
Fujian 福建

4. Copy Copy Copy
Once the Chinese companies discovered to base on these stories they should always be fine at revenue, they copy the same story or overuse it (again and again...).

Three kingdoms and Journal to the West


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